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Massage Therapy Rates & Options

Refresh ~ 60 min Massage  $100
Take some time to de-stress and pamper yourself!
A 60 minute session is geared towards relief of specific muscle discomfort, dysfunction and tightness. A combination of modalities such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Stretching and Hot Therapy are used to provide a customized massage for each clients' individual needs and preferences. 
Relax ~ 90 min Massage $130
Total bliss and serenity awaits you!
This 90 minute session allows for a deeply relaxing, Full-body massage while concentrating on a more in-depth treatment of a particular area.
Revitalize ~ 2 hour Massage $160
Snoring allowed!!!
When a 60 min or 90 min just isn't enough time to work out those problem areas, a 2 Hour Massage is ideal for optimal results.
Retreat ~ In-House Massage Party Package options:
Whether you are throwing a house gathering, Girls night-in, Baby shower, Bridal Shower or party, let Elite give your guest something to remember. Be the talk of the party by adding our exceptional massage service!
*$80 per Hour / 15 min Chair Massages/ Accommodates 4 guest per hour
*$100 per Hour/ 30 min Table massages/ Accommodates 2 guest per hour
* 2 hour minimum
* Convenience and privacy of your home or preferred location
* All equipment included, plus set up
Pat on the back! ~ Corporate/ Business Chair Massage:
What better way then to show your employees how much you appreciate their hard work! Everyone deserves a "pat on the back" and a "job well done" once in a while. With this offer you can do just that!
*$80 per Hour /10 - 15 min Chair massages/ Accommodates 4-6 employees
* 3 hour minimum
* Conducted in your office, for employees convenience and flexibility
* All equipment included, plus set up
* Relaxing music
* Aromatherapy
** Note : All 60, 90 , 120 min massages are provided in the comfort and convenience of your home. All equipment, set-up and travel is included. Equipment includes: Heated Massage Table, Linen, Lotion, Aroma Therapy, Relaxing Music, Large Moist Heating pad for back, and heated neck roll pillow.