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"I finally expereinced my first massage and had the pleasure of being a client of Jacquelyn.  Mrs. Felder has the "magic touch". I recently injured my back in a accident and she has been a key component of my healing process. I found out through this injury that I have scoliosis. My sessions with Jacquelyn seemed to be customized to fit me. She takes the time to listen and work diligently on my problem back areas. I would recommend her to anyone, especially to those who have suffered back injuries. Not only is Jacquelyn very understanding, she is very knowledgeable about body mechanics and muscle structure. I have frequent massage sessions and can't seem to function without her!"~Alexandria R    Biorepository Houston Methodist Research Institute

"How do I conclude my Sunday morning tennis workout ? Of course it's with a massage by Jackie Felder! A massage by Jackie is a wellness experience. It's a total package that embodies both mind and body. A combination of relaxation techniques as well as rehabilitation. For the last 4 years she has helped me in countless ways by managing my back tension and neck pain. I wish that everyone could treat themselves to this one-of-a-kind unique experience with Jackie."~ Larry S.,Robert W. Baird & Co.  

"Mrs. Vera-Felder, I wanted to let you know how much our massage therapy sessions have been helping my neck, shoulder and lower back pain problems. I started out with 1-hr massages per month, serveral months ago, and since then have progressed to 1-hr massages per week with very good results. My neck, shoulder and lower back pain has been dramtically reduced. I have stopped taking the muscle relaxer and pain pills that I had been previously taking daily. My overall mobility and range of motion has increased with significant reduction in pain. I had previously tried chiropractors and acupuncture, while both helped somewhat, the massage sessons seem to have the more lasting effect and better results." ~Bruce F., FMS Engineering Houston Methodist

"Jackie is the greatest! She has been my massage therapist for awhile now and I just love her. She has a wonderful personality, very professional and most of all she is a great person. Jackie has been very helpful in my journey to becoming a healthier person. She gives me advice on eating habits, exercise and tips on how to reduce stress. " ~Althea O., Supply Chain Management Houston Methodist

"I always struggled to find a masseuse who was able to apply the correct pressure and pin point my problem areas, Jackie can do so. She has helped alleviate my TMJ induced headaches, healed much of my sport related muscle pain, and relieved tension in my shoulders. In addition to being in tune with my body, she is helpful and kind. She genuinely cares for me." ~Randi H., Tri-Athlete